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The following guidelines may be followed for completion of your Thesis or Dissertation   

IMPORTANT: PLA is mandatory for all Bachelor degree programs. The PLA GUIDE for Completing Prior Learning Assessment is Found On The Prior Learning Assessment Page.  PLA Is NOT Mandatory for Masters and Doctoral Degrees.  For Bachelor degree students who cannot qualify for full PLA credit, courses may be provided by NCU to fulfill the required credits.



“The great benefit of an accelerated degree program, beside the huge savings of both time and money, is that study is focused on your major only. This concentrated study allows the student to become an expert in the field of their major, a master of their major in just 90-days!”  

Accelerated degree programs eliminate the need to study unrelated subjects other than your major. Such concentrated study is very time efficient as it focuses on your subject major only. The benefit is that through such concentrated research, you have the opportunity to master the subject matter of your major, becoming a confident expert in the full comprehension of your major. Your Thesis and Dissertation Guide is designed to lead you through the process of competing your research based degree.

All NCU accelerated 90-day degree programs are research based and do not require a core curriculum. PLA is mandatory for all bachelor degree programs but optional, for extra credit only, for all master’s and doctoral programs.

Earning a Master’s or Doctorate degree by Thesis or Dissertation only is an accepted  historical practice in Europe.

Thesis and Dissertation Guide

Instructions For Preparation Of Your Thesis and Dissertation:

Because our goal is for you to master the specific subject matter related to your major, your research requires  complete focus on your major only. Therefore your thesis or dissertation will be unlike most research papers since your paper will provide a comprehensive, focused study on a specific aspect of your subject major only.

*All students are required to select a title that focuses directly on your major. Your major should be mentioned in your title.

Your thesis and dissertation guide is an outline to follow in completing your thesis and dissertation. Your degree program involves research and written presentation, to express your understanding and competence related to your subject major. Through research, you can uncover the most important details related to a specific aspect of your major. Your written presentation will involve references and footnotes to support your findings. Your completed thesis or dissertation should convey your deep understanding or mastery of your degree major.

A valuable source of reference should be the 66 books of the Holy Bible. However, much research can be accomplished through online search as well. You can use our FREE online reference library as a valuable resource for research. Through our free library, you can download books at no cost, for offline study.  Our online library now has approximately 50,000 books and periodicals. Be sure to save our library LINK to your desktop for easy access. Go to: and open the PDF book section.  Be sure to Download free ADOBE reader software to open any of the books.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON CREDIT FOR PREVIOUSLY WRITTEN WORK:  For students who have written books, articles, research manuscripts and extensive papers related to your major, such prior written work may considered in place of your Thesis or Dissertation. All pre-written work, to be considered, must be a minimum of 100-150 pages #12 font and double spaced.  *You may not submit any thesis or dissertation or paper for grading that has already been graded by another school for credit.

Thesis and Dissertation Suggestions:

A good strategy is always to first pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and counsel you concerning your thesis and dissertation research. Then brainstorm and  prepare an outline of the overall layout of your paper.  Then do data gathering about your subject. Research to find several primary books that expertly focus on your subject matter. If any of the 66 Books of the Bible strongly support your major, you can use such Bible books as your main reference source. Your outline is very important, as it helps to organize your overall study.  Your outline organizes your research, it is the skeleton onto which you will hang all important details involving your subject and corresponding theme. You will use the outline as your guide to write your paper. *Be sure to note all book references and articles etc. for your bibliography.

Because this is an accelerated 90-day program, in the interest of saving time, a Thesis and Dissertation Proposal and challenge will not required. However, we require that your theme and title of your paper, be directly linked to your subject major. Our goal is for you to master your major.

We are not expecting and do not suggest that you follow the standard or traditional thesis or dissertation format requiring a problem and solution scenario nor are we expecting you to do questionnaires and surveys. We would rather see you demonstrate your knowledge as acquired through in-depth research, focusing specifically on your major. We want you to be confident that you have become an expert who master’s a specific area of your major. Your thesis or dissertation is to express your acquired expertise.

Title Suggestion:

As an example: If your major is ministry, then your theme / subject matter and title should relate specifically to a focused study of ministry.

Title Example: “An In Depth Analysis of The Ministry of Jesus”

Your title / cover page must include your Thesis or Dissertation title, the name of your degree program major, your proposed completion date,  as well as your full name, the name of this University and the date of submission.

You should include the following in the order presented below on your SINGLE title / cover page:

  1.  Thesis or Dissertation Title
  2.  By (Your Full Name)
  3.  Description paragraph:   Submitted to Northwestern Christian University toward fulfillment of requirements for the degree of: *State one of the following:  B.A., M.A., M.Div., TH.D., Ph.D., D.Min.  etc.
  4. In: Subject major
  5. Date submitted

Your thesis and dissertation must include the following:  

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Body of paper to cover subject major in detail, documenting all sources.
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Footnotes or end notes
  • 100 -150 pages double spaced #12 font is the page count requirement. 100 pages equals approximately 25,000 words and is the minimum requirement of most universities..  A thesis or dissertation can be completed in just 90 days if you focus your time and make earning your degree a priority.  *Your research paper must include a table of contents, introduction and bibliography.

Although you should cite many references from your research involving books, periodicals and (or) specialized articles etc. you must cite a minimum of 10 references from the Bible.  The 66 books of the Bible fully qualify as excellent books for your research. Reference books are available through your local library, book stores or our 50,000 e-book, Northwestern Library at:

Next to the Bible, you greatest research tool, where you will find all of the research material imaginable, is the internet..  Really, the Bible and the internet can easily offer all of the information needed to acquire expert knowledge of your major to be assimilated into your thesis or dissertation.

Your finished research project must be typed without error with correct grammar and spelling. You will be graded for content and organization. Proof read and make all edits prior to submission. Typo’s, miss- spelled words and poor grammar will hurt your overall grade.

IMPORTANT: Do not submit portions of an incomplete paper. Only submit the completed document. We will review your paper and if the grade is not of high standard, we will, make suggestions and return the paper for you to make improvements resulting in a better grade.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For students who have written books, articles, research manuscripts, articles, and extensive papers related to your major, such prior written work can be submitted online, in place of your Thesis or Dissertation, for review and possible FULL Credit.

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Concerning Bachelor program enrollments:

If you are enrolled in a Bachelor program, you may complete your Bachelor in as little as 90 days through a PLA prior learning assessment and your Bachelor’s thesis. 120 credit hours will be credited as follows:  90 cr. hrs for your PLA and 30 cr. hrs. for your Thesis.

Master’s and Doctorate program enrollments

You should complete your 30 cr. hr. Master’s or Doctorate degree program in as little as 90 days by preparing your PLA and Thesis or Dissertation for submission and grading. You can have up to 60 credit hours approved for your Master’s or Doctorate degree program when it includes thesis or dissertation accompanied by your 30 cr. hr. PLA. However, If you have already completed a PLA for another NCU degree, you will not be able to duplicate it for additional credit on a second NCU degree program.

Submission of Assignments:

*Once you have completed your thesis or dissertation, send it as a PDF or Word doc. attachment and for grading.  We will provide your grade in 12-48 hours. Send to: 

We pray that this brief thesis and dissertation guide has given you direction and understanding to begin your research and preparation of your thesis or dissertation.

Now get to work..  Start today..  Do not procrastinate or delay. You can have your degree in hand in just 90-days or less..

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For students who have written books, manuscripts, or extensive articles and papers, related directly to your major, such prior written work can be submitted by email, (PDF attachment) in place of your Thesis or Dissertation, for review and possible FULL Credit.

Happy Studies…

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“Study to show thyself approved of God, a workman who need not be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth”.  II Timothy 2:15

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