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“Celebrating 39 years of worldwide educational ministry sine 1980”

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Our ministry began in Michigan, USA in 1980. We moved to Florida USA in 1982. Today our ministry is involved with 40 countries worldwide. This makes it impractical to communicate by phone due to the expense of long distance calls as well as the different time zones involved. We have learned that the most efficient form of communication, which also provides both parties, a written record, is to communicate online.

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Contact Us:  Please send all NCU University inquiries to: 

Emergency Contact: 

As with the majority of large colleges, universities and seminaries all non-emergency communications are best handled online by e-mail whichnot only allows us both to maintain a record but also eliminates the inefficiency of missed calls etc. With thousands of students and hundreds of applicants it is impossible for any large online school to handle such communications by telephone. Online communication  is now standard policy for the majority of schools in the 21st century.

Northwestern Christian University is a United States based worldwide educational ministry of Christian Alliance Ministries, USA. We are mainstream Christian evangelical and open to all Christian denominations.

Our goal; is to provide quality education to the world at a reasonable cost. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us with any questions that you may have.

Send your e-mail inquiries to:  


United States Northwestern Christian University Ministry administrative postal address is located at U.S. 5135 U.S. Hwy 19 N. #117 in New Port Richey, Florida 34652  USA

Contact information:

Senior Administration:

President: USA
Dr. Samuel Galloza Ph.D.,Th..D.

President: Asia 
Dr. Seth Lagunda Ph.D.,Th.D.

NCU Registrar: USA                                        

Auxiliary Bishops:

Dr. James Feazell, Ph.D. Worldwide   Contact:

Dr. Charles Botes, Ph.D. Africa   Contact:

Dr. Jefferson Ghauri, Th.D. Middle East   Contact:

Dr. Minh Bui, Ph.D.  Vietnam   Contact:


Ms. Josephine Forosuello  Asia    Contact:

Ms. Yolanda Rivera, USA   Contact:


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  1. Thanks for your inquiry:
    You can apply by going to the application page: www/
    80% of our students over the past 40 years have come form countries outside of the USA
    including countries in Africa.

  2. I saw the information on LinkedIn.
    How can I register for the 90 days programme because am in Africa

  3. Please share some of your 🍞 with my orphan children by sending your donation

    Please send today for my orphan children provision sake

    Thank you for your love and kindness

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