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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Is mandatory For All Bachelor Degree Programs Only.
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is NOT mandatory, but may be used as extra credit for a Master’s or Doctorate degree.



Prior Learning Assessment

All NCU accelerated 90-day degree programs are research based and do not require a core curriculum. PLA is mandatory for all Bachelor degree programs but optional, for extra credit only, for all master’s and doctoral programs.

Prior Learning Assessment Outline For Preparation of Your PLA Portfolio

For Bachelor degree programs, use the LIST below as a guide to compile your prior life’s experience needed for assessment and award of your PLA credit as required for award of your NCU Bachelor degree.  90 credit hours is awarded for approved PLA completion. 30- credit hours is awarded for your Bachelor Thesis.  Total 120 credit hours  *See the Thesis/Dissertation GUIDE on the website Menu for instructions on writing your thesis.
For Master’s and Doctorate Degree programs, PLA is NOT mandatory.  However, for an extra 30 credits, PLA may be replaced by a detailed resume / bio-data, if you are a student with extensive ministry, work and or educational experience.

PLA Credit Is Only Applicable for ONE degree program at NCU.

Use The Following (PLA) Prior Learning Assessment List As A Guide for your Bachelor degree PLA:

  1. List all employment positions, job title, date and place of employment
  2. List all schools that you have attended and dates of graduation. 
  3. List all diplomas you have been awarded. 
  4. List all advanced degrees that you have been awarded 
  5. List all certifications that you have earned
  6. List all seminars or non school classes that you have attended 
  7. List any special training that you have attended 
  8. List any on the job trainings and dates of fulfillment 
  9. List public speaking events 
  10. Church meetings presided over as a preacher 
  11. Church meetings served as a teacher 
  12. Have you served as a department head at work or at church 
  13. List military training and experience 
  14. List all awards and commendations not already mentioned 
  15. List your special skills or areas of personal
  16. List your hobbies, sports, passions  
  17. Include a detailed resume/ biodata
  • Bachelor Program: Use the LIST above to compile documentation, certificates or lists/written summaries, to fulfill your (PLA) Prior Learning Assessment. 90-credit hours.  
  • Optional Prior Learning Assessment’s for: Master’s and Doctorate Programs: Provide a detailed bio-data/resume along with copies of prior degrees, certifications etc. 30 credit hours.  *Optional, NOT mandatory.
  • All listed items above relate to multiple experiences, activities or accomplishments during your valuable life’s experience which are recognized as learning experience and translated as credit hours.
  • You should not feel confined to or limited by the 1-17 items listed above. You can use other experiences from life (beyond the above list)   *Do not be limited by this suggestive list.
  • The Bachelor degree PLA provides 90-cr. hrs. and is carefully reviewed for approved credit. Be sure to take time to carefully describe all experience as suggested on the list above.  Those who do not have sufficient life and educational experience will not qualify for Bachelor PLA credit. In some cases NCU courses can be offered to fulfill any lacking credit.

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Degree Program PLA and Thesis / Dissertation credit totals:

Understand that you are being credited for your valuable life/ learning experience which shows both acquired and applied knowledge. 

Bachelor Degree Credits   *PLA is Mandatory

PLA/ Learning Assessment based on criteria listed above.  90 Credits

Bachelor Thesis showing comprehensive knowledge of major    30 Credits

Total Bachelor Degree Program Credits                                            120 Credits

Master’s Degree Credits   *PLA is NOT mandatory, but PLA Can Add 30 Cr. Hrs.

PLA/ Prior Learning Assessment based on resume/ biodata =        30 Credits

Master’s Thesis showing comprehensive knowledge of major =    30 Credits

Total Master’s Degree Program Credits                                                60 Credits

*You can earn a 30 cr. hr. thesis only master’s degree minus PLA.

Doctorate Degree Credits  *PLA is Not Mandatory, But PLA Can Add 30 Cr. Hrs.

PLA/ Prior Learning Assessment based on resume/ biodata =        30 Credits

Dissertation showing comprehensive knowledge of major =          30 Credits

Total Doctorate Degree Program Credits                                              60 Credits

*You can elect to earn a 30 cr. hr. dissertation only doctoral degree minus PLA.


Prepare your Prior Learning Assessment by completing the requirements as stated above then send as an email attachment to for review and possible credit.

IMPORTANT SPECIAL NOTE: For Master’s and Doctoral students, PLA can be replaced by a detailed resume / bio-data, if you are a student with extensive ministry, work and or educational experience.

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“Study to show thyself approved of God, a workman who need not be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth”.  II Timothy 2:15