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“Celebrating 41-Years of Christian Educational Ministry”

northwestern university detroit

Our educational ministry began in 1980 at the above location in Detroit Michigan, USA 

“The Most Affordable Way Ever, To Receive A Quality, Christ Centered, Education”

A HARVARD UNIVERSITY (or)  NORTHWESTERN CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY Degree may both be considered as earned degrees. The major difference is related to prestige and tuition expense. Few can afford the tuition to Harvard! Northwestern makes it possible for the financially challenged to earn a degree and acheive their potential.

Be Aware! In the educational world today, regional accreditation is not always a mandatory requirement especially for ministry related, non secular, avocations/ professions.








*B.A., M.A., M.Div., Ph.D., Th.D., D.Min. by Donation at Graduation!


*A donation is required at graduation for award of a NCU degree. However, students can earn a NCU certificate in Humanities FREE! NCU students can also learn for free by audit!

There is NO cost to enroll! Those who seek a Bachelor, Master’s or Doctorate degree pay a suggested donation only, at program completion for a 98% savings over traditional colleges and universities. The donations that we receive cover our expenses and provide support for our ministry outreach. Books are FREE through our free online library where you can access 50,000 e-books at no expense.


Welcome to the Free Christian University opportunity from Northwestern Christian University USA. NCU is providing 90-day accelerated degree programs with FREE enrollment and FREE prior learning assessment. NCU allows experienced students to earn their Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate degrees by Thesis or Dissertation only.

A Brief Word About The Northwestern USA, Free Christian University Opportunity!

At Northwestern Christian University USA, we are providing an educational alternative for financially challenged students to earn their Bachelor, Master’s or Doctorate degrees for a donation that they can afford, payable at graduation. No upfront cost to study! Over the course of 40-years, thousands of students have been offered the advantage of a quality, Christ centered, Biblical education from Northwestern. In fact, we have provided educational opportunities to students in the United States, Caribbean Islands, Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  After NCU FREE Enrollment, students can complete their Free Christian University course requirements and then pay a donation at graduation to be awarded their NCU degree. Those who choose to receive a degree actually save more than 98% of traditional tuition costs relative to most colleges and universities.

Books are FREE and you do not even need to own a computer

Financially challenged students, who do not own a computer, can Just go to the local internet cafe or have a friend print the GUIDES from the site menu. Students can simply follow the GUIDES and then just hand write the PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) TNY (The New You) Certificate Assignments and (or) the NCU Thesis or Dissertation.  Once completed, you simply enter the completed work into a Microsoft Word doc or PDF at an internet cafe and send it to NCU for grading and award of your 90-day degree. *If you cannot use a computer yourself, just hire someone to type your completed hand written work into a Word doc. or PDF document for you and email it to NCU for grading.. Completed work is sent to:   This opportunity has allowed a vast number of students, over the past 40 years, to earn university degrees who otherwise could not afford the many thousands of dollars in tuition fees for core curriculum based university studies. Books are also provided for free through our large online library at: 

Does having a Degree mean more income for you and your family?

Near the bottom of this page we have provided a chart from the U.S. Department of Commerce showing the huge increase in income that Degree holders enjoy verses the uneducated public. *Be sure to view this impressive chart based on a government study.

Northwestern Christian University, always moving forward…

Over 40 years we have been obedient to God’s calling and gone into all of the world making disciples, through Christ centered education, for our Lord Jesus Christ! At NCU we have been obedient to our Lord’s “Great Commission”.  It has been an honor to serve the Lord in obedience for over 41 years and to reach so many people worldwide with our Free Christian University’s educational opportunities that they otherwise could not afford.

Many of our students have continued with ordination in major denominations and ultimately promotion in both ministry and secular employment. Many of our worldwide students have advanced in their ministry and secular careers even in Government and the military due to degrees earned at Northwestern. Even College/University Presidents hold NCU credentials. To God be the Glory! Great Things, He has Done! We Bless and Praise His Holy Name!

All Degrees are Fully Recognized by Northwestern Christian University, United States. NCU degree certificates and transcripts are processed, signed and printed with the official Northwestern Christian University water mark and imprinted golden seal.

ncu degree certificate

Above is a photo shot of an actual framed NCU degree sample.

Accelerated Bachelor degrees by Thesis and PLA only. Master’s degrees by Thesis only. Doctorate degrees by Dissertation only. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is an option for graduate level degrees.

*Easy to follow GUIDES are provided to assist you on the site menu.

“The great benefit of an accelerated degree program, beside the huge savings of both time and money, is that study is focused on your major only. This concentrated study allows the student to become an expert in the field of their major in just 90-days!”  Dr. Samuel Galloza, NCU President, USA.


Your free Northwestern Christian University opportunity means student’s enroll for free and can audit an entire program at no cost. Those who seek a 90-day Bachelor, Master’s or Doctorate degree award, pay a minimum suggested donation at graduation. This represents a HUGE savings when compared to traditional university tuition. You will receive a Northwestern Christian University officially sealed and signed degree and certified NCU transcript. There are no up front costs to enroll, books are free and there are NO hidden costs or fees. 

ONLINE OPEN ENROLLMENT allows students to enroll now and graduate in just 90-days or less. No semester system means students can enroll and graduate during every week of the year.

You can pay a $490 minimum donation at graduation in just 90-days through our Thesis or Dissertation accelerated programs. You will immediately be awarded your 90-day accelerated degree and transcript. Or, enroll in the NCU Free Christian University’s special dual degree program and receive a second degree for just $390. The choice is yours! Most students complete their degrees in under 90 days.

Bachelor degrees by Thesis and PLA. Master degrees by Thesis only. Doctorate degrees by Dissertation only. Easy to follow GUIDES are provided to assist you on the Free Christian University’s site menu.


Any Questions?  Email us now: 


Please Acknowledged The Following Important Requirements:

  1. To apply for acceptance just submit your Free Christian University’s online application today for immediate review.
  2. Requirements:  A High School Diploma or equivalency is no longer required to enroll for a NCU Bachelor degree as long as you can read and write at college level, and have basic computer skills. Any earned Bachelor degree fulfills the prerequisite to enroll for any Master’s program and any Master’s degree qualifies enrollment for any Doctorate program. *Your prior degree may be in any major.
  3. Free guides for preparing your PLA and for writing your Thesis or Dissertation. are provided on the site MENU. 
  4. NO donation is required until course completion. Later, you will be provided instructions to send payment by Western Union or by Credit Card.
  5. Total tuition is normally $1,990 at NCU for full curriculum programs.. *$1,990 is the cost at our traditional NCU website located at: However, this special opportunity website, provides a $1,500 discount which lowers your Donation amount to just $490 for a single accelerated 90-day degrees. Or save an additional $100 by enrolling for a dual degree program at just $880. This represents *98% PLUS in SAVINGS compared to private university costs which range from $120,000 to $200,000. Our special savings opportunity makes it possible for financially disadvantaged students to earn a legitimate ministry degree. Northwestern Christian University has been helping less privileged students earn legitimate degrees and advance their ministry careers for over 40 years.
  6. Once your application is approved, you will begin your 90-day degree program immediately at NO UPFRONT COST. Enrollment is FREE!!
  8. Bachelor degree programs require completion of a PLA/TNU and a Thesis only. Master degree programs require completion of a Thesis only. Doctoral degree programs require completion of a Dissertation only.
  9. The PLA GUIDE, “The New You” GUIDE and a Thesis and Dissertation GUIDE are available on the site MENU.
  10. A Certified transcript is provided with your officially sealed and signed degree certificate.
  11. New opportunity! Enroll in a dual degree program and earn your second NCU degree for just $390 *See APPLICATION page.
  12. There is NO cost to enroll and begin your 90-day degree program. However, students should do their best to make donation of $490 for their single degree in 90 days. *Most students complete their thesis or dissertation in just 90 days or less! For those who struggle with financial expenses, we will be patient as long as you maintain good communications.

  Degree Program Prerequisites:  

Proof of educational achievement can be by transcript or copy of your previous educational (degree) award.  Documentation will be required as part of your PLA portfolio assignment for all Bachelor degree programs. *PLA is NOT mandatory for Master’s and Doctoral programs.

Northwestern Christian University has branches in the USA, Latin America, The Carribean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Above is a graduation photo from Sri Lanka. Bishop; Dr. Jefferson Ghauri, our Vice President of International Ministries, is seated at center front.  *To see more of our ministry photos, please open the “worldwide ministries” link on the site menu. *Online study does not require a graduation ceremony.

How long does it take to complete an NCU University online degree program? 

For students with adequate prior educational experience, our Northwestern Christian University accelerated degree programs can be completed in 90-days or less, We do ask that students dedicate quality time to their studies. Distance learning is a very independent way of studying and students should understand that studies at University level require a certain amount of both maturity and responsibility. Our Northwestern Christian University Bachelor, Master and Doctoral 90-day accelerated degree programs are research based and can be completed in just months instead of years.


“We all hope that you will allow us to be a blessing to you, as you endeavor to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

*NCU  will award a B.A., M.A., M.Div. or Ph.D. Th.D., or D.Min. for students who complete 90-day accelerated degree program course requirements Go to the Online Ministry Degrees page for details.

Recognition of your Northwestern Christian University degree:

NCU Degree programs provide a Theologically certified Degree, which is a legal degree and entitles the student who completes a Ph.D. or other NCU Doctoral Degrees to legally use the title Doctor in many geographical regions of the world. However, we are not a secular University and our education is not directed toward non ministry avocations. Our degrees are theologically accredited or determined educationally accountable and NCU credits may or may not be accepted by governmental authorities or other institutions. That is a decision to be made by specific authorities and institutions.

Concerning the Integrity of Northwestern Educational Programs:

President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines received a degree from NCU in 2009. Numerous other famous people, Governors, Mayors, Generals, Colonels, Judges, University and College Presidents and Civic Leaders have received awards from Northwestern Christian University.

ncu founder meets president gloria Macapagal

(Above) NCU ministry founder and Presiding Bishop; Dr. Howard M. Sarkela along with President of the Philippines; Gloria Arroyo at Malacañang Presidential Palace in Manila, Philippines.

Northwestern’s educational programs are focused on ministry related avocations and are not designed for competency in fulfilling secular job requirements. However, having a degree, even a non regionally accredited 90-day theological degree, added to your resume, may be a valuable consideration in any job interview. Do you already have a Bachelor degree? Why not consider a Northwestern dual Master’s and Doctorate program. *View the earning chart below.


Value of advancing your education:

U.S. Mean Annual Earnings by Education


Annual Income

No High School


High School


Some College


Bachelor’s Degree


*NOTE: Those who hold Master’s and Doctorate degrees may reasonably expect to earn as much as double the income of a Bachelor degree holder, over time.

Source: Money Income in the United States 2004, U.S. Department of Commerce    *This lifetime decision, guarantees to benefit you for the remainder of your life!   90-days can change your life!


All Degrees Fully Recognized by Northwestern Christian University, United States.   NCU degree certificates and transcripts are processed, signed and embedded with the official Northwestern Christian University seal.

*NCU degree programs are for ministry avocations only and not intended for secular employment purposes. All payments are considered as non-tax deductible ministry donations.

For FULL Curriculum academic based degree programs with tuition as low as $1,990.00 refer to and or view our ministry site;


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