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   “Celebrating 39 Years of Christian Educational Ministry Since 1980”

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Love Offer Donations in Lieu of Tuition 

In the United States a traditional university bachelor degree program can cost $125,000- $200,000 or more. Compare that today with our low minimum required donation of just $490 for a single degree program approved by Northwestern University in the United States. This special opportunity is provided to assist students worldwide, who desire education but cannot afford the huge costs of traditional schools. You will save over 98% when compared to total costs of a private university degree program.


Students can audit any degree program for FREE and learn by research, however no degree is awarded to audit students..


Enrollment is FREE!! No upfront cost! For a single degree program, you pay just a $490 minimum donation plus shipping due within 90-days from enrollment and acceptance to your NCU degree program and prior to award of your degree. Some students with well documented prior learning experience complete their degree requirements in under 90-days.

BIG Savings Offered For DUAL Degree Programs:

You can select (2) Degree titles (Bachelor-Master’s-Doctorate) and (1-2) major(s) on the online application form. Total donation is $490 for your first degree and then just $390 for your second degree.  *See Site Menu For Application Page to apply today.

Master’s and Doctorate degree programs do not require PLA. However, you can complete a PLA for additional credits at your option. If not completing a PLA (Prior Learning Assessment), you will complete your degree programs by Thesis or Dissertation only in far less time. PLA is mandatory for Bachelor programs only.

*The PLA GUIDE and Thesis/ Dissertation GUIDE are provided on the website menu.

Enrollment is FREE (NO upfront payment required) For A Limited Time..

Your Tuition/ Donation is paid in 90-days or at graduation whichever comes first. There are NO additional fees or donations required and books are also free !!     






  1. All donations, in lieu of Tuition, are solely for support of our Ministries.
  2. Dr. Samuel Galloza is President of NCU in the United States. Bishop; Dr. Seth Lagunda is our independent NCU Asia President and WCJC Senior Bishop for Asian Ministries.
  3. When shipped, your Degree Will Be Delivered by LBC Courier In Just 3-5 Business Days. *There is a charge for shipping.
  4. Degrees can be sent by Postal Mail, at NO cost, but highly discouraged due to possibility of loss. *We are not responsible for postal loss.
  5. All NCU degrees and transcript original templates come from Northwestern Christian University headquarters in Florida, USA and are represented by the approved signature of our NCU/ USA President; Dr. Samuel Galloza The official NCU/ USA seal is applied to all such documents for authenticity. *While all degree and transcript templates originate from the USA, all such degrees and transcripts are shipped to the NCU special program graduate from the Philippines. This special $490 donation based degree offer is limited and it helps to raise funds for ministry support.
  6. All degrees show Florida, United States at the top of the degree certificate, since our world headquarters is in the USA.
  7. Official Transcripts, with the NCU/ United States embedded seal, are also provided.

All Degrees are Fully Recognized by Northwestern Christian University, United States.   All degree certificates and transcripts represent the signature of our NCU President and Bare the official Northwestern Christian University seal.

Northwestern Christian University/ United States, represents a worldwide educational ministry of independent NCU branches. The Free Enrollment and small $490 Asian Ministry Donation opportunity is to assist in support of our ministries and funds are disbursed as needed.

Northwestern Christian University is a worldwide Christ centered ministry!

“Celebrating over 39 years of Educational Ministry since 1980”

Bring your whole tithe into the temple so that we may have food for the ministry and test me in this says the Lord, if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour a blessing upon you that is more than you can hold.
(Malachi 3:10) paraphrase

Your Special Opportunity From: Northwestern University Is Authorized by NCU Headquarters in the United States. All courses are approved by the NCU Registrar’s Office in the USA. Pre-approved by USA, headquarters, degrees are processed and shipped promptly upon program completion and will arrive at your home within 3-5 business days. A tracking# is provided through LBC Express Courier Service.

 If you have any questions, contact us at 

*NCU degree programs are for ministry avocations only and not intended for secular employment purposes. All payments are considered a ministry donation and are non refundable.  *Policy and disclaimer statement below.


Northwestern Christian University Policy,

Disclaimer and Release of Liability 

The NCU University opportunity offers no refund policy since the program is provided in exchange of a student donation love offer in lieu of tuition. $490 is the minimum donation. Love offers are for ministry support and non refundable.

Northwestern Christian University offers Christ centered education to the world as the central function of our worldwide ministries. This is a legally-binding release made by you through your action of submitting your application form to NCU. Our Ministries are not regulatory agencies. We do not endorse, recommend or conduct any screenings as to the competency of any of our staff or any faculty or advisors associated with NCU in the USA or Asia.  While every effort is made to insure that information and education, is current and accurate, no representations or warranties expressed or implied, are made by NCU.

It is the student’s / applicant’s responsibility to assess quality and competency of the university and it’s staff, faculty and advisors. By submitting the application and enrolling you agree to this liability statement. Furthermore, you agree that, in consideration for any education or learning opportunity provided to you, you will assume and take on yourself all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with your assessment of the quality and competency of the education that you have freely chosen from Northwestern Christian University.

In addition, you fully release NCU and all of it’s staff, board of directors, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors , ministers and agents from any and all liability, claims or actions that may arise to yourself, in connection with the decision to enroll, attend, or participate in any way, with Northwestern Christian University. You recognize fully, that this release means that you are giving up among other things your rights to sue The Office of the Presiding Pastor of Christian Alliance Ministries and His Successors, a Corporation Sole (Northwestern Theological Seminary Fellowships, Northwestern Christian University and Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ Fellowships), it’s staff, board members, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors, ministers, agents or anyone associated with the above stated ministries, for damages, injuries or losses you may incur through any of the services or educational programs that you may receive. You also fully understand that this release binds your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, as well as yourself and your dependents.


Void Where Prohibited