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       Northwestern Christian University USA, was founded in the United States in 1980 with independent worldwide branches

Online Ministry Degrees 


Theologically Accredited, Accelerated 90-Day Degree Programs


Northwestern Christian University Course Requirements

Online Ministry Degrees

All accelerated 90-day degree programs are Fully Authorized by Northwestern Christian University, United States.  NCU degrees and official certified transcripts, are imprinted with the official Northwestern Christian University gold seal of authenticity. Accelerated degrees by thesis and dissertation only, are available through Northwestern Christian University USA.                                                

ONLINE OPEN ENROLLMENT means that students can enroll any day of the year and graduate in just 90-days. No semester system to confine and limit you.

IMPORTANT: Students who have been approved for enrollment to this NCU  accelerated 90-day degree program may begin studies immediately upon receiving their NCU acceptance e-mail by printing and following the PLA and thesis dissertation guides provided on the website menu. FREE Christian University Enrollment means: Your donation is not required until graduation following grading. Some students complete their Free Christian University Enrollment and graduate in less than 90-days * A grace period may be approved for a valid reason if time restrictions prevent timely completion of our 90 day accelerated degrees by thesis.  NCU staff will fully cooperate with you and reset for additional time if extenuating circumstances delay your efforts.

At NCU we welcome you to contact us as often as you need assistance. We want to guide and help insure a happy and fulfilling educational experience for you to earn your accelerated Online Ministry Degree for a Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate Degree by Thesis or Dissertation only..

All NCU accelerated 90-day online ministry degree programs follow the historic European model and are research based and do not require a core curriculum. PLA is mandatory for all bachelor degree programs only. However, PLA is optional, for extra credit only, for all master’s and doctoral programs.  A PLA GUIDE is provided on the site menu. *Course Requirements are Listed Below..

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IMPORTANT! Have you ever considered what adding a Bachelor Master’s or Doctorate  degree to your resume can do to help advance your career?  *Even a non regionally accredited theological degree is better than no degree at all. Just 90-days of serious commitment can provide you with benefits that can be a blessing to you and your family for a lifetime!

* Below is a NCU branch graduation in Pakistan under Bishop; Dr. Jefferson Ghauri, our International Vice President for Worldwide ministries since 2003.

“The great benefit of an accelerated 90-day degree program, beside the huge savings of both time and money, is that study is focused on your major only. This concentrated study allows the student to become an expert in the field or a master of their major in just 90-days!”  

 Achieve your goal soon:  90-day Online Ministry Degrees by Thesis and Dissertation only                      

Historically, the standard has been that students prove mastery of their subject major, through research and performance of a Thesis or Dissertation. Each Thesis or Dissertation will focus directly on the course major only, with the goal of mastering subject matter related specifically to the major with additional courses not required.

This is not a new concept, as graduate level accelerated degrees by Thesis or Dissertation only, have been available in Europe, for many years.

Your Easy To Follow Guide For Completing Your Thesis Or Dissertation To Earn Your Online Ministry Degree is Provided On The Main Topics Menu. The Required Bachelor Degree PLA “Prior Learning Assessment Guide” Also Appears On The Main Menu.   

Submit your free, Online Ministry Degree, application today! NCU staff will review your application and respond promptly.


NCU Accelerated 90-Day Online Ministry Degrees

Bachelor by Thesis and PLA and Master’s and Doctorate by Thesis and Dissertation, Are Listed Below:

  1. Bachelor of Arts  (B.A.)
  2. Master of Arts (M.A.)
  3. Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
  4. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  5. Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)
  6. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)

Course Majors:

  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Biblical History
  3. Theology
  4. Ministry/ Divinity
  5. Education
  6. Counseling
  7. Social Work
  8. Organizational Leadership
  9. Humanities

Course Credits:

 Bachelor degree: 90 cr. hr. PLA  and 30 cr. hr. Thesis = 120 cr. hrs. 

  Master’s degree: 30 cr. hr. Thesis only (or) * 30 cr. hr. PLA and 30 cr. hr. Thesis = 60 cr. hrs 

  Doctorate degree: 30 cr. hr. Dissertation only (or) * 30 cr. hr. PLA and 30 cr. hr. Dissertation = 60 cr. hrs.

*Prior Learning Assessment, PLA are mandatory for all Bachelor Degree Programs. PLA is not a mandatory option for Master’s and Doctoral degree programs but a completed and approved PLA will provide an additional 30 cr. hrs..

Note:  PLA is Prior Learning Assessment. *GUIDES are provided on the website menu.

ncu degree certificate

The above photo represents a framed NCU degree certificate.

Consideration for prior written work..

Prior written work such as a book or extensive research paper, if specifically related to the degree major, and if such has not been submitted in another educational program, can be included as content in your Thesis or Dissertation for Northwestern Christian University USA.

All Free Christian University Degree awards are recognized by Northwestern Christian University, USA and all degree certificates and transcripts bare the name; Northwestern Christian University.


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Research Books And More, Are Free From Our Online Library:

Free PDF Books Are Provided At Our Free Online Library. Just visit: and open the PDF Books section.  Be sure to Download free ADOBE reader software to open any of the e-books. Much if not all of your research can be accomplished through use of our library resources and at no cost to you.

 All NCU Online Ministry Degree by Thesis or Dissertation only, are fully recognized by Northwestern Christian University, USA

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Degree Program requirements for NCU accelerated 90- Day degree programs are recognized by the United States headquarters of Northwestern Christian University and designed for rapid completion in just 90-days or less.

Online Ministry Degree Programs

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Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2Timothy 2:15

*NCU online ministry degree programs are for ministry avocations only and not intended for secular employment purposes. All payments are considered ministry donations.

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