Christopher A Stigall – Combined- Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies / Master of Divinity in Ministry

I have wanted to attend seminary for years, but due to schedule and financial restraints, could not pursue the traditional route of sitting in a classroom for hours every day, and paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.  I began exploring online options, and I am very happy our Lord led me to Northwestern.  I have been enrolled for about 4 months, and I am very impressed by the instruction method Northwestern uses. The information I learn in every course is easily recalled.

Since beginning my course of studies, my knowledge of Scripture has increased, and my relationship with God has become deeper and closer. God recently allowed some events to occur in my life that in the past would have knocked me down, but now have only highlighted the changes He has wrought in me through a better knowledge of Him, and His word, that Northwestern Theological Seminary has helped me to achieve.

I do recommend Northwestern to everyone I meet who expresses even the remotest interest in deeper study of Scripture.