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Free Certificate Program

“The New You” Spiritual Development Free Certificate Program.

Be blessed by: “The New You” Free Spiritual Life Development Certificate Program From NCU

Additional Credits are NOT applied for completion of this special FREE certificate program:

“The New You” certificate is awarded for FREE to all who fulfill the requirements below:

Directions: E-Z as 1-2-3

NOT MANDATORY.. “The New You” Certificate Program is voluntary and for personal edification.

Open and save “The New You” e-book from the LINK below, so that you can work offline.

1. Complete all written exercises as presented in the book linked below entitled “The New You”

2. Send your completed assignments as ONE pdf document by email attachment to

3. “The New You” program is NOT mandatory, However, all who complete it will be awarded an official NCU Certificate.

May you be blessed by the contents of your complimentary free e-book. Your e-book entitled: “The New You” has touched many lives since it’s publication over 20 years ago. It is written with the intent of organizing your life as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Careful study and performing the exercises contained in your free book will undoubtedly lead to establishing new purpose and direction in your life. So may you too be blessed, as countless others have, as you explore your free e-book and get to know “The New You”. 


“The New You” Free E-Book →  Click Here For Free E-Book

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